描述 特点 1、本机适用于成型刀模对各种非金属材料进行模切作业。例如:片状材料、卷材料、吸塑、珍珠棉包装、橡胶、印刷等行业。 1.This Machine is applicable for the die cutting operation by the molding cutting die on various kinds of non-metallic materials, such as flaky materials, blister, expandable polyethylene packaging, rubber, printing and other industries. 2、配置先进的电脑数控裁断系统,良好的操作界面,可即学即用。2. The advanced computer numerical control cutting system is provided, and the operation interface is user-friendly. 3、电脑排版系统:自动走动排模冲切,设定压头每一刀的角度,每一刀的位置。设定裁断速度,裁断深浅,检测硬件连接是否正常,手动模拟机器运行状态。3. Computer typesetting system: the automatic movement, die arrangement and cutting are realized. The angle and position of each tool of pressing head are set. The cutting speed and depth are set, the hardware connection is tested and the machine operation state is manually simulated. 4. 特殊设计的油路系统,压力大。利用飞轮储能,节约能源。冲切频率最快可达到50次/分钟。 4. Specially designed oil-way system and large pressure. By virtue of flywheel energy storage, energy is saved. The maximum cutting frequency may reach 50 times/minute. 5. 裁断机配有刀模库(标配10把刀,可根据需求增减),自动更换不同规格的刀模,使更换刀模更加便捷。节省换刀时间,增加工作效率。 5. The cutting machine is provided with the cutting die magazine (standard configuration: 10 tools; may be increased/decreased as required). Different cutting dies may be automatically changed so that the change is more convenient. The tool change time is saved, and the working efficiency is improved. 6. 机器采用无杆气缸控制刀模进出库,运行平稳、速度快。 6. In the Machine, the entry and leaving of cutting die are controlled by the rodless cylinder, which has smooth and steady operation and high speed. 7. 机器采用滑板式送料机构,具有自动循环铺料功能,可冲切很薄柔软的卷状材料,也可冲切片状材料。 7. The Machine adopts the sliding plate feed mechanism, has the automatic cyclic spreading function, and may cut the very thin and soft roll material or flaky material. 8. 采用伺服电机驱动,进料位置精准;采用伺服电机驱动,滚珠丝杆传动,保证冲头定位精准;采用伺服电动机旋转冲头,保证了冲裁位置的精确;采用伺服电机控制刀库内的刀模位置,效率高、定位准。 8. The servo motor drive is adopted, and the feed position is accurate. The servo motor drive and the ball screw rod transmission are adopted and the accurate cutting head positioning is guaranteed. The servo motor rotary cutting head is adopted, and the accurate cutting position is guaranteed. The cutting die position in the tool magazine is controlled by the servo motor, which has high efficiency and accurate positioning. 9、主机采用型钢制作的龙门框架结构,强度高,不变形。所有滑动连接部位采用中央供油自动润滑系统,保证了机器的使用寿命和精度。 9. The main machine adopts the gantry framework structure made of profile steel, which has high strength and does not deform. All sliding connection parts adopt the automatic lubrication system of central oil supply, which guarantees the service life and precision of the machine. 10. 机器四周安装有防护网,出料口安装有安全光幕,提高了机器的安全性。 10. The protective net is installed around the Machine. At the discharge hole, the safety light curtain is installed, which improves the safety of the Machine. 11. 特殊规格可定制。 11. The special specification may be customized. 下载视频


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